Dive into Newness

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DINER is an insight-driven digest about NEWNESS that tracks the latest ideas, innovations, and trends from inedit consumer tribes. Welcome Because everything ‘NEW’ is the holy grail of marketers, let’s think about what is behind the concept of NEWNESS. As of today, progress is increasingly challenged by “go ahead” and “go back”, but NEWNESS persists throughout. It helps fight inertia, be in the spotlight, and inspirations & create dreams. It stretches across the latest evolutions of consumers around the globe and the breakthroughs of marketers in order to empower and reconcile both sides. This month, we will explore the birth of the Ecological Natives. INSIGHT 1 Environmental awareness is part of the daily routine for young generations, and a fundamental prerequisite for their shopping behavior. Born during the 90’s, this is a generation with a positive and active vision for ecology and materialism, who look forward to a society that will ban wasteful practices and encourage models that have a positive impact on the environment. TAKE AWAY 1 Embrace the… Lire la suite »Dive into Newness