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DIVE INTO NEWNESS #2: Generation Alpha

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DINER is an insight-driven digest about NEWNESS that tracks the latest ideas, innovations, and trends from up-and-coming consumer tribes. GENERATION ALPHA, THEIR NEW TOY STORY You can’t wait to see TOY STORY 4 and are excited to tell your toy stories to your alpha kids. But the truth is, they only care about their IPAD.  These children of Millennials are born between 2010 and 2025: the era when both Instagram and the first iPad launched. Alpha is the first fully digital generation. The oldest of them are only 9 years old, nearly half of which have their own digital devices and play a decisive role in household buying (65% parents were influenced for their last purchase). Some already have millions of followers that luxury brands like Gucci and Jeep are eager to collaborate with. They are already pushing the boundaries of creativity and providing a huge potential for brands. INSIGHT 1: SUPER-SMART The “AI for K-12” program (collectively combining kindergarten, elementary and secondary education) aims to teach students of different… Lire la suite »DIVE INTO NEWNESS #2: Generation Alpha