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You can’t wait to see TOY STORY 4 and are excited to tell your toy stories to your alpha kids. But the truth is, they only care about their IPAD. 

These children of Millennials are born between 2010 and 2025: the era when both Instagram and the first iPad launched. Alpha is the first fully digital generation. The oldest of them are only 9 years old, nearly half of which have their own digital devices and play a decisive role in household buying (65% parents were influenced for their last purchase). Some already have millions of followers that luxury brands like Gucci and Jeep are eager to collaborate with. They are already pushing the boundaries of creativity and providing a huge potential for brands.


The “AI for K-12” program (collectively combining kindergarten, elementary and secondary education) aims to teach students of different grades about artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.

China:  Many educational institutions have launched artificial intelligence education courses for young children. According to industry estimates, the market size of the children’s programming industry is about 3 to 4 billion yuan, and the user scale is about 15.5 million yuan.


Following McCrindle “Generation Alpha is part of an unintentional global experiment where screens are placed in front of them from the youngest age as pacifiers, entertainers and educational aids.”

Education through AI, machine learning and more, will make Alphas the most demanding customers and employees yet, responding to an app-style service from any business they choose to have a relationship with.

Brands should polish an “smart” image. Alphas will value the brands which talk authentically to them: not to be too superficial and marketing-oriented.


Glass-fronted devices will be their main medium of communication.

A 2018 research by Childwise found that 54% of 3-4 year-old kids now have their own device. Kids under 5 spend nearly 3 hours on average watching videos a day.

Generation Alpha will grow up interacting with AI and robots as well as humans. Their worlds are unlimitedly connected. ⅔ of the preschool households own a voice recognition gadget, such as Siri or Alexa (Childwise).

Brands catch their attention by advertising on YouTube. An alpha influencer, Ryan Toysreview, with 19.3 million subscribers was one of the highest paid youtubers in 2017.


Social media is their nature. They are not only potential powerful consumers but also influencers for all ages.

They prefer communication via images and voice control over typing and texting. Brands should be radical with the ways of communicating and interacting when trying to influence and capture the attention of Alphas.


They will comprise the largest generation of middle-class consumers our world has ever seen.  

They are maturing and influencing parental purchasing earlier. A study called “Understanding Generation Alpha” found that:  

65% of the parents with children between 4 – 9 years old said the habits of their GenA children influenced their last purchase.

Luxury brands like Gucci, Moschino and Burberry are taking Alpha influencers who have enormous fan-bases on social media seriously because Alpha’s millennial parents just want their families to look cool.  (see more in our stories below)

E-tailor Net-A-Porter collaborated with Gucci to launch a Gucci kids pop-up store for 6 weeks in 2018 featuring 0-12 year-olds, attracting millennial parents shopping online for themselves and their kids.


What will be successful is stuff which enables Gen A kids and their parents to build connections together. They want to share a common thing – such as learning together.” Jodie Morris, Beano Studios

Brands should encourage interaction between kids and their parents by being genuine and providing emotional touches to attract their attention.

What are some of the most thought-provoking and impactful initiatives for the Generation Alpha?

Chinese TV Show, “Where are we going, dad?” is a Chinese reality TV show broadcast on Hunan Television featuring five fathers and their Generation Alpha children as they travel to rural places. The TV show has become a massive ratings hit since then, season 5 (2017) has reached over 5.4 billion video views.

Jeep is one of the sponsors who are happy with the great visibility through the TV show season 5 in 2017.  

Dyson, the leader in the vacuum market has put out a replica recommended for 3-6 year-old kids. This toy version vacuum made by Casdon actually works and it was sold out everywhere during the Christmas in 2018.

Generation Alpha are already influencers, attracting followers of all ages. At just eight years old, ‘mini fashionista’ @fashion_laerta has 1.2 million Instagram followers. A 7 year-old Alpha influencer, COCO (@coco_pinkprincess) who owns 685k followers on Instagram has already collaborated with luxury brands like Gucci and Burberry.


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